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Preparatory School:

A preparatory school or college-preparatory school (also known as tertiary preparation and usually abbreviated to preparatory school, college prep school, tertiary prep, or prep school) is a secondary school, usually private, or Christian designed to prepare students for a college or university education. Some schools will also include a junior, or elementary, school. College prep schools are usually a secondary school along with work for a host school, to help get in to a desired college. Most students attend a college-preparatory school but also accomplish successful concentrated work for a high school diploma, and extra courses that allow them to have advance placements in the college or university of their choice.

Practical Support

We want boys and girls to leave Kingdom Christian Academy Preparatory School feeling happy and balanced and then to remain so.  In order to succeed in today’s competitive society, we believe that the decisions they make about their future must be both well-researched and heart-felt.  This preparation if part of their education, not an adjunct to it.

KCAPS has an outstanding, well-resourceful and fully integrated Careers Department, which is geared towards a continuing process of getting to know the pupils.  The process begins as soon as they enter the School.  This means that when advice about careers and further education is eventually given, it is against a solid background knowledge of each child’s personality and emerging academic strengths.  Our fully-staffed careers team liaises closely with pastoral and academic staff.  It offers an encyclopedic range of information on careers and every higher education course has been researched in advance to determine suitability. Allied to this is the work of the Columbus Georgia Society, which provides a strong network of Georgians in almost every profession. This can give current pupils invaluable contacts to help them break into the career of their choice, and can offer support long after they have left the School. Help can be anything from up-to-date professional advice and mentoring through to work placements and job offers. The free and professional service is available to all old boys and girls, whatever their stage in life, demonstrating our commitment to our pupils beyond the age of 18.

Personal Development

At Kingdom Christian Academy Preparatory School students will believe they matter to a school not just as a set of potential exam results but as unique individuals capable of growing in spirit, making responsible moral decisions, playing a full part in society and enjoying the fruits of human activity: students will believe they matter in this way only if their experience and relationships throughout the school convince them of their value as individuals.

The Personal Development program provides the time, the opportunity and the focus for this most enriching and significant of activities in the life of a student. We believe it to be so crucial that over forty members of staff, both full time, part time and volunteers are involved in the delivery of this wide ranging and extensive program. A full period every week at every year level of the school is set aside for PD. Pupils could be participating in an audit to determine whether they were assertive or aggressive; creating a strip cartoon to illustrate what happens in the break-up of a relationship; in the Sixth Formthey could be defending their CV; making a presentation on a contentious ethical issue or working towards an extended project on a topic of interest to them. We hope that some of the most momentous things that a student will absorb, learn and remember after he has left the school will have been raised in the co-curricular Personal Development Program.


The mission of our school is to create a challenging academic Christian environment that compliments and supports rigorous athletic programs by inspiring students to think critically, work well with others and persevere through any obstacle encountered in life.

Our school strives to provide a foundation for life long learning by encouraging students to accept responsibility, respond to challenges, and search for the answers to life’s tough questions.

  • Wholesome Non Denominational Christian environment
  • Strong emphasis on character and the seven principles of global success
  • Fully accredited, challenging curriculum; AP, Honors, & College Prep
  • Individualized programs based on the student’s needs
  • Small, intimate classes to ensure maximum individual attention
  • College placement assistance to the nation’s top colleges and universities
  • Transcript Evaluation
  • SAT/ACT prep courses
  • NCAA Eligibility Center assistance
  • Award winning facilities and sincere honest staff, with an excellent history of  character and integrity.

We will only allow the best people to work and attend this incredible school. You don’t have to ever worry about you child being negatively influenced or taken advantaged of. We are committed to doing it the right way or no way at all.

Creative Pursuits

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be creative and constructive and also to appreciate and enjoy Music and the Arts. School is a place where teenagers can be encouraged to find new interests and to learn about the rich variety of creative endeavors. At KCAPS they are introduced to Creative Pursuits via the curriculum but what is special is the way in which so many boys and girls will become involved in the extra-curricular activities which are on offer.

The range of opportunities is hinted at in these web pages, but it is through the individuals and groups who pick up the new and exciting standing KCAPS tradition of inventiveness and creativity that the most vibrant examples occur. Every year we will see productions in the theaters, artistic exhibitions by boys and girls will be done. We expect awesome heart felt musical performances which dazzle. There will be original designs, poems, compositions, songs and short stories which are shared with others and which add to the mix.

Not surprisingly, we expect a large number to go on to be creative adults and a glance back at our great program and how it blessed them to be all that could be. We expect to see incredible alumni who will be actors and writers and other very creative professionals. Perhaps more important is that all boys and girls are exposed to Music and Creative Arts and thus have the chance to be life-long enthusiasts.

Academic Studies

We have always strongly believed that having the opportunity to educate other people’s children is a rare privilege that brings with it a responsibility to ensure that we try and provide the best all round education that we can to prepare our boys and girls for success in the adult world. The bible says that those who teach will be judged at a higher level because of the importance of releasing correct and vital information to those that we have been graced by God to influence. So therefore we are committed in giving your children the best possible education anywhere in this city. In order to achieve this there are several characteristics that we proactively seek to encourage and to develop through our teaching here at Kingdom Christian Academy & Preparatory School:

  • Integrity
  • Independence of thought
  • Academic inquisitiveness
  • A willingness to take intellectual risks
  • The ability to communicate effectively with others
  • Moral courage to stand up for what you believe in
  • Tolerance and understanding of other people and other cultures

This focus on independent learning does not necessarily mean that boys and girls are expected to be off working entirely on their own. It means that boys and girls through the ACE educational format we use alone with other tools are encouraged to really take responsibility for their own learning and to have the intellectual confidence to think for themselves. In an ever competitive world, the reality is that exam results matter and, of course, we want our boys and girls to achieve the best results that they can. However, we also need to be wary that a fear of failure does not stifle opportunity to flourish and, as a school, we are committed to doing all we can to educate the whole person.

To help us achieve this we are very fortunate to have a Common Room of exceptional quality which we firmly believe is by far the school’s most important resource; A Common Room that displays a depth of pride and dedication to a school in which all have invested a huge amount of energy into. For years we have prepared and planned for this day, and we are so grateful to God for the starting of this school. We are a school that respects the traditions and practices that are here already in our great city of Columbus, Georgia and the Kingdom Christian Academy. We will not be stuck in the past; while respecting the traditions and sacrifices of others who have paved the way, we will optimistically move toward the future for Excellency in education for all. We recognize the need for successful institutions to change with the times. The most successful institutions are always subtly reinventing themselves in a fast moving world. This is evident by our pursuit to embrace modern technology, innovative teaching methods, greater teacher to student attention, using media and cutting edge creative, also the opening of Schools and Orphanages across the world; and to strive for excellence in education; to always seek new and better ways to teach, learn and be the absolute best regardless of the challenges we may face, just to name but a few.

We are also extremely fortunate to enjoy wonderful facilities, which so inspire our future historians, theologians, artists, educators, political leaders, professional athletes, scientist, attorneys, judges, military leaders, nurses doctors and musicians and many more.

In addition, we are able to offer an independent education for boys and girls that we ourselves believe passionately in; free from the policies, whims and changes of negative areas in society. In recent years, this independence has given us the freedom to stretch boys and girls in a positive manner at all levels by offering a curriculum that we believe in; one that responds to the diverse needs of each child, and is assessed in a rigorous and objective way as we can achieve within the constraints of the examination system. That’s why, in the last few years, we have led research in finding and employing the best educational approach in the south. We have moved to the more rigorous testing in Math, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Computer Literacy, and Spanish.

The ACE is now over 40 years old so it is no new fangled and passing fad. It has absolute, not relative, standards and its core approach and assessment has not changed in over 40 years. It is increasingly seen as a new gold standard by higher educators. We in fact look forward to the best results possible in all these subjects, while seeking to take the ACE program to another level but keeping remaining in its standard of learning. This adds weight to our firmly held belief that raising the bar need not be at the cost of the results and, in fact, by challenging boys, girls and teachers it is more likely to have the opposite effect. We are not in the business of running down all traditional secular or Christian schools teaching preferences, because all of missions should be to provide the best absolute education possible in a positive nurturing godly environment for our kids. The key point is that where national exams continue to provide a rigorous and educationally sound training we will continue to offer these subjects and that we are fully committed to offering the best education we can to our boys and girls.

We are committed to a curriculum that recognizes diversity in both ability and interest. We do not, like many schools, have pre-set blocks for subject choices thus ensuring as wide a range of combinations as possible at KCAPS. Nor do we subscribe to a “one size fits all curriculum.” For example, able linguists can choose three modern and two ancient languages in their first three years in the school, extra lessons are provided in English, Math and Sciences within the curriculum for those who struggle with these subjects and individual academic targets are set for each boy and girl in examination years. Our children will succeed and enjoy learning at the highest level possible.

Our excellent learning support department cares for all boys and girls not just those with ‘special needs’, running program in revision technique in the middle school form and supporting all boys and girls in their first term with a seminar program that helps them adapt to the new academic and organizational demands of high school.

Of course, we also seek to stretch our boys and girls in other ways. Our FOCUS program takes all boys and girls out of the classroom for a few days twice a year to allow them to work collaboratively on big cross-curricular projects that demand time and experimentation. Our program of personal development is embedded in the curriculum and runs with a focus on emotional intelligence, ethics, current affairs, personal development and choices and so on. All boys and girls will be developed academically in the ethics of the internet, academic honesty, intellectual property and new communication tools. We have established dedicated scholarship periods in the curriculum for academic advancement.

This is a commitment you can confidently expect us to maintain in the foreseeable future. As for the future, we believe that boys and girls at Kingdom Christian Academy & Preparatory School can expect an education at the highest level possible, without compromises to character and strong moral Christian principles.

We are very proud of Kingdom Christian Academy & Preparatory School and where we are vision wise. We genuinely believe that this is a great school. However, we are not resting on our laurels and we are fully committed, even the more, to being at the cutting edge of educational developments in the coming years.

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